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HL8 违者必究微互动录音

HL8 违者必究微互动录音

本音频由下述英文名得计划团队义务如实提供,未经批准严禁转载或用于商业用途,违者必究。Thought about covering the topic. But there wa


Thought about covering the topic. But there was really enough interesting content there, because I didn\\\’t really know I couldn\\\’t really find out what he did on that is it so I chose and something else. And i\\\’ll give you a clue. Tonight topic is something that British people love to do on Sunday. Is it\\\’s a Sunday tradition. It\\\’s a Sunday institution, and it\\\’s related to food. What is it? Good guess is brunch ice cream. Both unfortunately, all in correct. Now the Sunday roast is a traditional British and Irish main meal. That is.They should be said on Sunday. Consist in our rest of meat potato where is accomplish ment such as your should put in and explain later staff ING vegetables and Gray v. The other names for this meal of Sunday dinner Sunday lunch roast dinner and sometimes some day joint because the joint rivers.Specifically to the joint of meat. The meal is often compare to our traditional Christmas dinner. So besides being served in its original home land the UK and island, the tradition of Sunday dinner has also been a major influence on food culture is in countries with population original. It is from the nations of the British isles, for example, americans in Sunday roast americans I think tend to think that Sunday roast is a very American thing. They don\\\’t realize that just like lots of their culture. Original actually from Britain. So yeah, of course, the first one is raised beef. It\\\’s one in no.The space of beef, which is raised in the oven. And it will take 34 hours, some times five hours to cook that one large piece of roast beef. The second and 3rd pictures are roast Lamb. Not more to say with roast dinner. In Sunday roast. Now if you take a leg of Martin, old sheep. And you put it in the oven for three hours, when it comes out, it\\\’s gonna be like leather. It\\\’s gonna be like trying to eat your own shoes, its going to be really, really true. And it\\\’s quite unpleasant to try a meet with that text line. On the other hand.You put on ice young Lamb leg in the oven rolls that for three hours and it\\\’s really really soft. And you see, and it just for the part the me will just fall of the bone beautiful. So typical e in the UK we roast Lamb and we do not waste Martin in fact in the UK.Don\\\’t eat much Martin at all. We would normally with any kind of cooking we would choose lam rather than mountain. So the meet that we wrote a typical roast beef roast chicken roast Lamb roast pork as you see above. But sometimes we will have roast duck. Just like your Beijing roast goose, 烤鹅。

Roast Turkey roast rabbit sometimes and even fashion or other, what we call game birds. So a lot of people think that in the in Britain the weather is always cold. That\\\’s to some degree. But in summer we do have some very hot days. Can you imagine a very very hot.I\\\’m a Sunday and your mother put that huge play of food in front of you and it\\\’s a really hot day. You don\\\’t really want to eat roast dinner on a hot day, so it\\\’s typical ea winter lunch now it\\\’s no secret that the English in particular love the Garden.And they take pride in keeping a very me and colorful Flower Garden so in summer, we prefer to get the barbe cue out and get together with friends and family and have a nice barbe cue in the Garden. Not a Sunday roast so Sunday rose is this very very British traditional lunch and he. The thing. Everyone claims that their own mother cooks the best Sunday lunch Sunday roast my mother is Sunday raised. Is better than any of my friends mothers Sunday rose, but every one of my friends would say the same thing about their own mothers Sunday roast. So when we think about.Mother is Sunday roast, which single in grad ient, which part of the Sunday roast is very very unique and special for your own mother. Your own mother will cook one part of the lunch in a way that no one else is mother seems to be able to do.Which thing is it? Now great, that\\\’s a very, very good guess, the grave of the source. But i\\\’ll be honest with you nowadays most months are quite lazy they buy prepare grave from the supermarket is actually a lot of money is Gray v taste the same. Now the roast potato from the Sunday. A cook in the same tree, as the meet itself, so the potato absorb all the jesus and the fat from the meat. On everyone\\\’s mother has one or two secret in grad ient. Or little secret methods, little things they do to the potato.Everything is delicious, however, your potato are not as good as my mothers potato. And this would be expected. This is a very, very traditional comment about Sunday roast. No one\\\’s roast potato xa as good as your mother\\\’s roast potato if I said to your mother. Euro sport a toes are actually better than my mothers roast potato. She would think that was actually IM polite that\\\’s the wrong thing to say. Even if I genuine thought that your mother\\\’s roast potato were better than my mothers roast potato, I would never dare say that sentence. Now when I.Go back to my mother\\\’s House. What I do is I walk in the door, I dropped my bag and I go straight to the kitchen, open the refrigerator in the kitchen. And I asked my mother, do you have any roast potato left over from last Sunday? Now the potato they could be 23 days old, sitting in the fridge. Cold.Still all fat and covered in the days from last Sunday and there will just be sitting in the refrigerator and I will just grab an old roast potato from two or three days ago and eat it. My mother is rose potato, they even taste amazing when they called in the refrigerator two or three. Today is old I\\\’m quite sure that your behavior is similar. When you go back to your parents House if you are studying in university, and in another city when you go back to see your parents and sure you do the same thing, u dive straight into the kitchen looking for something special that your mother has killed I\\\’m not sure that your mother cook rice potato but I.Sure that you have a similar habit when we leave home usually to go to university and we share House with two or three others. The first thing we try to do when we live with our new House mate is we try to cook that Sunday roast.18 or 19 years old, we just moved into university of comedy. It has a kitchen and three or four of us we tried to prepare first Sunday roast as students in our new House together, what\\\’s the result? What you will have is you will have 23 or four people all trying to re create their own mothers. Sunday roast. Everyone has different ideas. Everyone has different secrets, and we will ask you about the grave. We will Rock you about the potato. No, don\\\’t put them in this way. You got to boil the first and so we will quarrel and we will argue and the result will be at the.But that sometimes we wouldn\\\’t even there it. And then of course, the next Sunday we wood park our bags and go running back to our mother\\\’s House and tell our mother I tried to cook the roast dinner last Sunday with my House mate, it was a disaster and then of course, quite happy, your mother will cook you her own special rate.对呢。 HL8 违者必究微互动录音

Now he is an interesting story two weeks ago in Beijing I was with two English friends. And we were in the sun light area and we found a western restaurant and on the menu we saw Sunday roast roast beef, roast potato vegetables and grave. None of us. Wanted to go in the restaurant and try it. Because we all agreed, there is no way that Sunday roast could be anywhere near as good as my mothers. So we walk down the street, and we had Chinese lunch instead, we would rather have Chinese food than somebody else.Restaurant roast dinner. So that brings me to the end of this episode, my advice to you if you want to try roast dinner, it\\\’s going to be quite difficult to find a good one. First of all, find a British, maybe American and not American, take a British friend, ask your British friend.If you can go to their mother\\\’s House to try their mothers roast dinner, that\\\’s got to be the room. If your British friend of the cookie roast dinner, ask the light li. But is your most in a really that good because I heard that only British mothers can cook good roast dinner. OK sir. That\\\’s been me talking about Sunday rose to thank you very much for listening as usual. I will now post you some text, articles containing some of the content that I have spoken about this evening. So, thanks very much. I hope you are hungry. And.I don\\\’t think we are going to get one on this cold Thursday evening in Beijing or whatever else you are in China good night everybody.





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